Canada offers immense opportunity for enterprising businesses. With some of the world’s leading cities, mature financial and healthcare sectors, and a growing industry, Canada offers great scope for businesses. Y-Axis can help you access this vast pool of opportunity with our Canada Business Visa solutions.


To facilitate trade, Canada offers various Business Visas that allow entrepreneurs, executives and professionals to temporarily visit Canada to conduct business. With the Canada Business Visa, visitors can:

  • Visit Canada for the purpose of business
  • Attend trade shows and conferences
  • Meet prospective clients and take new orders
  • Attend training from your company in Canada

The Canada Business Visa allows you to stay upto 6 months in Canada.


To apply for a Canada Business Visa, you need the following documentation:

  • Passport & travel history
  • Background documentation
  • Documents from your company
  • Documents proving you will not be staying beyond the stipulated time
  • Completed application & consulate fees
  • Adequate medical insurance


You must have a valid and compelling reason to visit Canada.

You must have enough money to support yourself and any dependents throughout your stay.

You must have a clean criminal record and character. This may need the use of a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate).

You must meet the government’s fundamental health requirements.

A formal invitation from a respected company in the country where you do business is required.

Canada Startup Visa program:

If you are a non-Canadian and want to start a new business or company in Canada, then you can use the country’s startup visa program.

This program encourages immigrant entrepreneurs to develop their startups in Canada. Successful applicants can tie up with private companies in Canada and receive help on funding and guidance on running their business.

However, this visa program has specific guidelines on the ownership and shareholding requirements for a startup.

 Eligibility requirements for visa applicants are:

  • Have proof that the business has the required support
  • Must fulfil the ownership requirements
  • Must have the required proficiency in English or French
  • Must have completed at least one year of post-secondary education
  • Must have enough funds to settle in Canada and support dependent family members
  • Must clear the medical tests and security requirements

Applicants for this visa must have the support or sponsorship of a specified Canadian venture capital fund, angel investor or business incubator to qualify for the visa.

The IRCC has designated specific venture capital funds, investor groups and business incubators to be part of this visa program.

Startups that succeed in getting through this program must be able to get the minimum required investment. If it is from a venture capital fund, minimum investment should be USD 200,000. If the investment is from an angel investor group, the investment should be at least USD 75,000. Applicants must also be a member of a Canadian business incubator program.


A Business Visa to Canada opens doors to a whole new market. As one of the world’s most advanced economies, Canada has much to offer by way of trade and business. Y-Axis can help you apply for the business visa with confidence through our expert Canada visa & immigration services. A dedicated Y-Axis consultant will work with you and help you:

    • Identify and collect all your documents
    • Complete the visa documents checklist
    • Create your application package
    • Fill the various forms and applications accurately
    • Updates & follow up
    • Interview preparation

Talk to us today to get your Canada Business Visa process underway.

The Canada Business Visa is a Provisional Visa and has a maximum validity of 6 months. It is advisable that you stay for the period that you have specified in the application even if less than 6 months. The Embassy can offer you a Visa that has longer validity such as 10, 5 or 3 years. However, you must not remain for more than 6 months at a time.

The below five stages are common in any application for Canada Business Visa irrespective of the business immigration stream you choose to apply:

Check your eligibility

The first step is to assess if you fulfil the requires of the business program that you are interested in

Select the program that best suits your business

You must select the category that is most suitable for the business type that you want to expand overseas in Canada

 Collate the required paperwork

This is undoubtedly the most tiresome part of the process of business immigration to Canada. You must have all the documents that will be a poof of fulfilling the requirements of the chosen business stream. 

Confirm submission format and deadlines

There can be some tough deadlines to be met depending on your chosen business immigration stream. This is to ensure that your application remains valid.

Obtain a Visa or an ETA

You will have to get ready for your trip to Canada once your application is successful. You can obtain the Visa or the ETA – Electronic Travel Authorizatio

This will depend on the workload of the Embassy of Canada that you have applied to. You may have to wait for 1 to 6 weeks for processing your Canada Business Visa.

Canada has diverse programs under Provincial Business Immigration that are a great option over investment immigration. In comparison with the Investor Visa, obtaining the Business Visa requires much lower net worth personally. The minimum investment required is often as less as CAD $100,000.

Indian applicants of Canada Business Visa will have to fulfil the following requirements for application:

  • Original passports with a minimum validity of 6 months after arrival to Canada along with old passports if any
  • Application forms for Visa
  • Three colour photographs with dimensions 35mmX45mm having a matt finish, white background and 80% face size
  • Cover letter with details of the applicant, travel and accompanying members
  • Conference/ Exhibition confirmation/ Invitation letter
  • Hotel bookings if done already
  • Itinerary with day to day travel details
  • Air Ticket/ Air PNR Booking
  • Salary slips for the past 6 months if in case employed
  • Shop Act /Deed/MOA if self-employed
  • Original personal statements from the bank for the past 6 months updated with adequate balance
  • Form 16/Income Tax returns for the past 3 years

As is customary, business visitors must apply for a visitor visa, or TRV, and state that they are visiting Canada for international business. At their port of entry, business travellers may be asked to show proof of their activities to a border services official. They may bring their families to Canada, but each member of the family must apply for a visa separately.







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